Residence Services Security Aide

Job description


Security Aides assist in sustaining and improving campus safety and community relations inside of the residence halls. Security Aides are responsible for carrying out the mission of the department by performing nightly rounds with the objective of sustaining and improving safety and inclusion in the residence halls. Security Aides also assist with community development within the halls through interactions with residents.


Qualifications for the Security Aide position include:

  • At least a 2.30 current and cumulative GPA for undergraduate students, and a 3.00 current and cumulative GPA for graduate students, at the time of application and throughout the employment period.
  • 18 years or older; part-time or full-time student status at Kent State University.
  • Not on sanction from the Office of Student Conduct, and able to pass background check.
  • Ability to work on campus, and available to work 12-28 hours a week; current RAs may work up to 8 hours a week.
  • Understanding of Residence Services departmental values, and willingness to approach work following departmental values and mission statement.
  • Demonstrated leadership and/or ability to work effectively as part of a team.

Our office, which is part of the Department of Residence Services, operates 365 days a year, and shifts are generally between 8pm-2:30am Sunday-Wednesday nights, and 8pm-4am Thursday-Saturday nights, with other special detail assignment work hours available. To learn more about our office, visit:


Professionalism/Work Ethic:

  • Uphold and support the University, Division of Student Affairs, and Residence Services mission statement, values, and commitment to diversity.
  • Follow all federal, state and local laws as well as University and residence hall rules.
  • Attend all scheduled training sessions and staff meetings.
  • Adhere to the dress code of the department/office.
  • Submit reports, logs, forms and other documents related to job responsibilities on time and accurately.
  • Maintain possession of any departmental supplies or equipment, including radios, ID badges, and area keys. Sign out and in all equipment.
  • Clean or assist in cleaning spills or other hazards, such as broken glass, water, vomit, or other bodily fluids, that pose a health and/or safety hazard to the community.
  • Contribute to staffing special details, such as homecoming events, move-in day parking assistance, etc.
  • Other position or department-related duties as needed.

Critical Thinking/Problem Solving:

  • Assist residents who are facing conflicts with neighbors and roommates using a restorative justice approach.
  • Assist in the evacuation of residence halls in the event of a fire or another emergency.


  • Address any policy violations, such as noise, odor of marijuana, alcohol, etc. by sharing policy and using a restorative justice and educational framework.
  • Assist in managing emergency response, fire alarms, and other student issues and facility issues that occur in the residence halls.
  • Assist in evaluation and assessment of the program.

Digital Technology:

  • Be knowledgeable in computer software applications used to complete responsibilities.
  • Develop an understanding of all area-specific technology.

Verbal/Written Communication:

  • Build relationships while assisting with on-campus escorts.
  • Stay informed of security changes and directives via briefings, emails, meetings, etc.
  • Check all fire safety devices, such as fire boxes and fire extinguishers, and report any issues to the dispatcher.
  • Make rounds of all the floors and/or halls in accordance with area standards, including checks of lounges, computer labs, restrooms, and building entrance doors. When possible, check outside the halls, adjacent parking lots, bike racks, and outside lights, and report any problems.
  • Report any illegal or suspicious activity to the Supervisor or to KSUPD.
  • Promote crime prevention methods and programs to residents and staff.
  • Share resources with students to help them succeed at Kent State University.
  • Be actively involved in making resident’s arrival, stay, and departure at Kent State University a success.
  • Promote positive public relations for Kent State University and the Department of Residence Services.


  • Embrace the Community Development Model and strive to develop a healthy and active community on the floor and in the hall.
  • Attend floor meetings and other community events.
  • Build relationships and partnerships with hall staff, including Resident Assistants, Graduate Assistants, and Residence Hall Directors, and with other student staff members, such as KIC executive board members, lock staff, and Student Desk Receptionists.
  • Work collaboratively with all areas to achieve the Department’s mission.

Career Management:

  • Participate in evaluations to measure professional development and work competencies.
  • Attend department in-services.

Global/Intercultural Fluency:

  • Participate in C2C (community service) events through Residence Services.
  • Contribute positively toward creating an inclusive and accepting environment.