Student Multimedia Designer

Job description

The multimedia designer is responsible for the designs and user experience for all of the products our office produces. This position also updates and maintains the information on the departmental website and creates various print materials using the Adobe creative suite.


Specific responsibilities will include:

  • Translate concepts into wireframes and mockups that lead to intuitive user experiences
  • Meet with clients and iterate over wireframes and mockups based off of feedback
  • Create high-fidelity designs with Adobe creative suite
  • Learning to work with CSS and HTML
  • Work closely with the software developers to improve the look and feel of our products
  • Update content for the Residence Services website
  • Other various design work for Residence Services


Residential Technology student employees are in a constant state of informal training. We offer reference books, time to improve skills, and guidance from experienced staff. It is our goal that you will be continually improving your skills and our hope that we are giving you a great head start towards mastering your craft.


Project Management:

One of our goals is to expose students to project management. With the help of your team lead, you will receive and prioritize tasks from clients. You will help to set expectations and demo completed features. You will also be responsible for pointing out any unexpected issues that arise and helping to steer your project towards success.   





These responsibilities will require a minimum of 15 hours per week. While the Multimedia Designer will primarily serve the needs of the Residence Services Web Development Team, they may also be assigned design projects and tasks within the broader scope of the department.